The front-facing areas of your vehicle are constantly at the mercy of the elements. Dirt and gravel from unpaved roads, loose debris from construction vehicles, severe driving and weather conditions, and stains from bugs, acids can affect your car’s paint. That’s why Protective Film Solutions uses Protection Film from XPEL to protect the most susceptible areas of your vehicle’s paint.


  1. Helps preserve the value of your investment (helpful at trade-in)
  2. Maintains your vehicle’s showroom look for years
  3. Lessens the amount of damage from normal wear and tear to your vehicles paint
  4. Transparent urethane film looks better and protects better than traditional black vinyl
    bras and plastic bug shields.
  5. Reduces need for touchups and costly repainting
  6. Can be applied to any painted area
  7. Nothing gets under the film because it adheres directly to the paint
  8. Exclusive, long-lasting, lustrous clear coat allows you to buff away scratches